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Happy Purim!

Dear Friends!

On behalf of the Georgian Jews World Congress, congratulate you with Purim.

The holiday of freedom from an impending threat, the holiday of the triumph of life over death!Purim is not only a day of our great happiness in memory of the defeat of a ruthless enemy, this day is the symbol of the immortality of our people in the centuries, and of the endless kindness of the Almighty to his people.

The wonderful story of Purim has repeated many times throughout the centuries. Again and again did cruel Aman go against the Jews with a desire to destroy us to the last person. And each time did the intervention of God save the Jewish people from the evildoers. That which merely yesterday seemed an inescapable horror became a victory over our enemies. As was said in the Megilat Ester, “on the day the enemies of the Jews had thought they would dominate them, the situation was reversed: the Jews dominated their enemies.”

But Purim also teaches us that we cannot live merely expecting a miracle – we must do everything within our power to make this miracle come true. We must help the miracle through our actions and through our belief in the Almighty. With this belief in our hearts we are unconquerable!

Be happy during Purim, believe in our victory over any Aman that might arise against us!

Let the people of Israel live! Am Israel hai!
Happy Purim! Hag Purim Sameah!

Georgian Jews World Congress


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