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The meeting in the Synagogue

"Put our bards between the lines". - These words Psalms were the foreword of the visit NYC Georgian Jewish Synagogue, the writer, the translator, and publicist Mr. J. Ajiashvili.

Mr. Ajiashvili held very interesting lection in front of Georgia Jewish Community of New York.

He participated in the meeting World Jewish Committee in Washington DC a few days ago. He signified the main issues about this meeting, the way of Jews, globalization process, fundamentalism, Jews and Christians.

After finishing the lecture Mr. Ajiashvili answered lot of questions. The organizer of the above-mentioned meeting was American Jewish Committee, the leader David Paris. Among the participants of this meeting was former 1st lady, senator Hillari Clinton.

The main issue of this meeting by Mr. Ajiashvili was the problem of Anti-Semitism. This problem is growing in last years. The first appearance was in the book Esther when the servant Ahashverosh, Amman puts his finger on the Jews.

The second example: during the Inquisition, at the moment of death of one high-level Christian, after prayer of saving his soul, his last words in front of second Christian were: "Shma Israel Adonai Eloynu Adonai Ehad". The response was "Baruch Shem Kevod Malkhuto Leolam Vaed".

Mr. Ajiashvili mentioned a few words about the translation of the Holly Books of Bible.

When Jews started assimilation with Greeks, their leaders started translation process and 6 people from each tribe given this duty. After comparing their translation there was no difference among them. The conclusion was "RuachAkodesh" was dictating them, what to do.

. The questions were given by the doctor Michael Fizitski, famous art-person Otari Sepiashvili, poet Nisim Jinjixashvili and others.


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