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Georgian Jews in the World


After election of March 28 started working new Parliament. The majority of members are from the list of Saakashvilis National Movement and Mr. Zhvanias Democrats. Another political party which gained voices more than 7 percent is "Right-hand Opposition". By this Georgian Parliament isn't monopartical.

Two members of new Parliament are Jewish ladies: Mrs. Nana Patarkatsishvili from Kvareli Region and Mrs. Mzia Totladze-Patarkatsishvili from the list of "Right-hand Opposition". These ladies are sisters of famous businessman Badri Patarkatsishvili.

There is another lady, who has Jewish origin, her mother is Jew Mrs. Elen Tevdoradze, she is famous human rights defender.

We hope that these people will use the tribune of Parliament for both Georgia and Israel.


WCGJ and cultural center of Bat Yam held the evening of remembrance of our famous citizen Itchak (Itska) Atanelov.

The audience paid tribute by one minute silence to Itska.
There was represented short documentary film about the famous scientist.
The art worker Miriam Bat Moshe represented several episodes from his biography.
The remembrances were given by Georgian Ambassador to Israel Mr. R. Gachechiladze, the chairman of Bat Yam Histadrut Eli Yariv, the vice-chairman of WCGJ prof. D. Baazov, composer T. Bardanashvili, director and actor D. Khubelashvili, singers T. Zohar and Shalva Shatashvili, Poets Dodo Khukhashvili and Meri Elishakova.

Everybody was marking that Mr. Atanelov was at the beginning of friendship of Georgians and Jews. His biography is real evidence of this.

The organizer of this evening was the director of Bat Yam cultural centre Albert Shavit.


On May 3, 2004 there was Board meeting of WCGJ. There were presented Rabbi A. Ajiashvili, Pinkhaz Ben-Aji, Shabtai Tsuri, Prof. D. Baazov, Aharon Elashvili, Lawyer Abraham Mihaeli and Eli Enohi.

The main topic was approval of WCGJ working plan for 2004.
The meeting decided:
1. International conference about history of Georgian Jews - wasn't approved. It will be discussed later after description in details.
2. Counting of World's Georgian Jews-wasn't approved. It will be discussed after detailed description.
¬ 3. "The Warm House" in Ashdod ¬ it will be discussed later.
4. The lessons of Torah for children and youngsters - has been approved.
5. The photo gallery of Malkhaz Datikashvili - was approved (September 2004) .
6. Translation of Galaktioni poems¬ has been approved.
7. "Computer for every child" ¬
hasn't been discussed yet. 8. The newspaper of WCGJ - "the Georgian Jewry" will stay in the same format. Later will be discussed about new newspaper.


I grew up on Griboedov St. N230 in the big house. Abraham Sehulman lived on 1st floor with his wife, we -on the 3rd floor. My parents moved, but my grandmother and aunt stayed. In 1937 when my parents got arrested, I was left alone and I came back to my grandmother. At that time was the rule: If somebody was arrested the answer was one: got 10 years. So we didn't know about our parent news.

The windows of Sehulman's was looking at the garden, where all nations of kids were playing. Once Mrs. Kargenova came up and she said that her husband executes the orders, and she could tell the news about her parents. She gave us the map about where only women stayed and she offered to send 5 rubles and from where there would be no return my mother could have stayed there. We did so and sent that 5 rubles to all addresses. There was no return only from Potsn, Moldova. We kept all there in secret.

How many women were saved by Abraham Schulman, who knows! I could have brought that to grave. But I had no right to hide this.

Besides Schulman there was another Jew who was devoted to me. My lecturer in Moscow Abram Besshusov, he was teaching Bible. He was telling us often: when you think about something, you should discover what was before that, because everything happens after something.


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