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What is going on World of Georgian Jews


The women committee of WCGJ has planned to organize the conference about the problem “The woman and the family”.

The main group of this committee Rivka Gagula, Liana Elashvili, Liana Mosiashvili, Liana Sepiashvili, Dodo Chikvashvili with T.Mamistvalov-Kezerashvili have done the big preparatory work and applied for endurance of this plan.

On January 7 by WCGJ has called the session regarding David and Gertzel Baazov jubilee.

The last year 2003 was the 100 years of Mr. David Baazov birthday, this coming November will be the 100 years of birthday of Mr.Gertzel Baazov.

For now it is known that the congress will held the conference (scientifically) and the topic will be “The main issues of Georgian Jewish History”.

New York

On December 11 there was the meeting in the Congregation of Georgian Jews in New York with Mikhail Roketlishvili, who just came back from Tbilisi: He represented this congregation the 10 years jubilee of the newspaper “Menorah”.

Mr. Roketlishvili had a speech about modern life of Georgian Jews, political and economical situation in Georgia.

There were lot of interesting questions and answers.


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