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The Jewish Problem


There exists no other nation that had experienced so much trouble, so many hardships as the Jewish nation. The fate has deprived this once great and outstanding nation of there home land, independence and scattered them around the globe, in alien countries where they faced lots of troubles, tortures, be it Asia or Europe, Africa or America, everywhere they have the same fate. The Jewish nation fought and fight now as hard as it could to protect itself, not to become a victim to hatred and torture. The nation has been traveling all over the world for a long time and during this period escaped no grief or torture. Every single document, material was often used for their persecution. There exists no historical injustice used for their suppression. They were persecuted as representatives of unjust economic order and economic order and economic oppressor of others; the persecutors gave preference to one document, then to another thus never suppressing their hate towards the Jews.
And even now talking much about the humanism they still use these documents to persecute the Jews even there where they should not. There has long existed the so-called anti-Semitic, I . e. anti-Jewish movement in Europe. It tries to suppress and oppress the Jews, especially in Austria and Germany where one could not have expected. I mean Austrian and German literature and intellectuals. Some newspapers join them in persecution of the If Jews. Even the students which should not feel hatred towards any nation. They openly declare and act against the Jews. Some time ago in Vienna there was opened a monument to Glazer, the former Minister of Justice. He was a Jew by origin. Rector Fockel started speaking about his life and work, the students were so noisy that the ceremony organizers were forced to stop. The students left the hall. It turned out that their leader was a representative of anti-Semitic movement. One more example, when Schenere was facing the court some time ago his supporters publicly declared, that on his order, they would have attacked and kill the Jews without any delay or hesitation.
The anti-Semitic movement seemed to worry the German authorities as well. Some newspapers speak about the life of the Jews, about intensifying anti-Semitic movement in other countries. The reason of this being not national hatred and religious fanatism, but economic strength of Jewish capitalists, who have gathered to much wealth in France, Germany and other countries. They say this has not only economic but political significance and add: if we don't fight against them, their capital will become more and more dangerous and strong. Their capital will influence destiny of the nations and rulers. All complain that the anti-Semitic movement is daily becoming stronger, especially among the intellectuals.
This is a serious problem as the intellectuals have great influence on the European life. They can also influence the fate of the Jews.



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