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The main purposes behind the foundation of the World Congress of Georgian Jews(WCGJ) are as follows:

  • to unite the Georgian Jews scattered around the world;
  • help them in achieving their aims and aspirations;
  • ensure their continuous religious, spiritual, cultural, and social progress;
  • maintain the historical continuity of the Georgian Jewry; and
  • bring up the next generations to remember and respect their religious and ethnic roots.

For accomplishing these purposes, the WCGJ strives to:

  • strengthen the ties between Georgian Jews living in different countries;
  • enhance the integration of the Georgian Jewry with the Jews of the world;
  • secure the rights of Georgian Jews both in Israel and Diaspora to their religious, spiritual, cultural, social, and economic development and fight for justice when these rights are endangered;
  • coordinate the efforts of different communities and organizations of Georgian Jews in handling and solving their common problems;
  • defend the rights of its affiliate communities and organizations when their interests are kept down and represent them in governmental and international organizations;
  • collaborate with all nations and countries and all democratically minded governmental and social organizations for bringing about peace, freedom and justice.


Goals and Purposes

  • Defend the interests of Georgian Jews in Israel and all over the world.
  • Unite and consolidate Georgian Jews scattered in different countries.
  • Educate the young generation to respect their religious and ethnic roots.
  • Represent Georgian Jews in Hebrew, governmental, or social organizations.
  • Struggle against assimilation and mixed marriages.
  • Protect synagogues, Jewish cemeteries, and historical monuments.
  • Provide traditional, religious and higher education for children and the youth.
  • Preserve Hebrew spiritual traditions.
  • Render aid in getting higher and specialized education.
  • Organize summer and winter family camps.
  • Establish a Georgian Jews Cultural Center.
  • Create kindergartens.
  • Establish a rabbinic counsel for solving religion-related problems.
  • Set forth youth centers and Internet clubs.
  • Promote Aliah and absorption.
  • Organize repatriate adaptation centers.
  • Provide social and medical assistance.
  • Provide legal advice.
  • Provide psychological consultation.
  • Promote international ties.
  • Create an ethnic museum in Israel.
  • Publish materials on the history and ethnography of Georgian Jews.
  • Found a Congress library.
  • Set forth a Georgian and Hebrew dance ensemble.
  • Establish women’s clubs.
  • Create sports centers.
  • Publish information bulletins, a newspaper and a magazine.



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