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17.02.2011 | The Jews of Georgia and Eretz Ysrael
Dr. Yitzhak David, Orientalist: researcher of the history of the Georgian Jews and their settlement in Eretz Yisrael.

06.10.2007 | Jewish Community of Georgia
Georgian-speaking Jewry is one of the oldest of the Diaspora communities. Archeological sites prove the presence of Jews in...

03.10.2007 | THE GREAT ALIAH - 18 Georgian Jews
Georgian Jews were always in the vanguard wherever they lived due to their progressive ideas and high moral qualities.

29.05.2004 | This book is necessary for the future generations
In 1998 I was among the Israeli delegation who visited the city of Kulashi. The walls of the Synagogue were looking like orphans, no voices of Jews in the streets, Kulashi without the Jews.

11.03.2004 | Documenting the Rich Visual Legacy of Georgian Jewry
Georgia, a country situated between the Black Sea and the Caucasus Mountains, is on the crossroads of Europe and Asia. The Jews of Georgia trace their history to the time of the destruction of...

11.03.2004 | Jewish Community of Tbilisi
The city of Tbilisi was founded 1,500 years ago. It is the capital of the Republic of Georgia, a former Soviet republic

28.01.2004 | A century ago
A century ago, in 1903, the world Jews and not only Jews, normally thinking mankind, was shocked with the Kishinev events

09.01.2004 | The Jewish Problem
There exists no other nation that had experienced so much trouble, so many hardships as the Jewish nation. The fate has deprived this once great and outstanding nation of there home land,...

Eretz Yisrael has always played a central role in the lives and faith of the Jews of Georgia. In his book on the history of Georgian Jewry (1926), Nathan Eliashvili writes: "Love and yearning...

The way of life, customs and traditions which prevailed among the Jews of Georgia for centuries are gradually disappearing. One by one they are being forgotten, abandoned or replaced by...

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15.12.2016 King of Spain awarded Lord Jakobovits Prize
29.02.2016 Former French President Sarkozy Receives Award From CER
17.06.2015 WCGJ Statement on Tragedy in Tbilisi
27.05.2015 Georgian independence day in Israel
12.05.2015 Conference of European Rabbis in Toulouse, France
29.10.2014 Georgian-Jewish Friendship anniversary was celebrated in Georgia
27.10.2014 The official dinner held on behalf of Prime Minister
23.10.2014 Prime Minister of Georgia met rabbis
23.10.2014 Opening of the Museum of Jews of Georgia
23.10.2014 26 Century-long Georgian-Jewish relations


09.06.2017 Gabriel Mirilashvili 56th Birthday with Regards
22.04.2017 The Holocaust
28.03.2017 Happy Passover !
27.03.2017 Senate approves David Friedman as Israel ambassador
19.03.2017 Man behind warning public sign depicting Orthodox Jewish man apologises
11.03.2017 Happy Purim!
19.01.2017 Some 30 Jewish institutions across US targeted in second wave of bomb threats
09.01.2017 President of Israel Visits Georgia
07.01.2017 Israeli president to pay an official visit to Georgia
30.12.2016 Hanukkah celebrations in Jerusalem



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