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02.04.2013 | Belarusians Celebrate Pesach in “Les”
This is the 57th time that the Union of Jews of Belarusian Origin together with the “Block”

30.03.2013 | The opening of restored synagogue in Ako
On the 28th of march took place an opening ceremony of a restored synagogue "Shevet akhim" in the city Ako

24.03.2013 | Navruz 2013 in Tel-Aviv
It is a public holiday in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and India

21.03.2013 | Hurva Synagogue got its Tora Scroll
Israeli Prime-Minister Benyamin Netanyahu sent a greeting letter to people in which he underlined how important and serious

10.03.2013 | Announcement: Children's Camp Roots of Tolerance to Take Place in Georgia
The first Georgian International Children's Camp “Roots of Tolerance” will take place on October 31 – November 11

01.01.2013 | =====2012=====

30.12.2012 | Meet your children
On the 30th of December of 2012 in Bat Yam was held an event under the name "Meet your children".

30.12.2012 | Annual meeting of students in Ashdod
On the 29th of December of 2012 was held an annual meeting of students in the city Ashdod

25.12.2012 | Event in Tel-Aviv
The world Congress of Georgian Jews held an event on the 23rd December of 2012

12.12.2012 | Hanukkah celebrations In Jerusalem
Hanukkah celebrations In Jerusalem

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15.12.2016 King of Spain awarded Lord Jakobovits Prize
29.02.2016 Former French President Sarkozy Receives Award From CER
17.06.2015 WCGJ Statement on Tragedy in Tbilisi
27.05.2015 Georgian independence day in Israel
12.05.2015 Conference of European Rabbis in Toulouse, France
29.10.2014 Georgian-Jewish Friendship anniversary was celebrated in Georgia
27.10.2014 The official dinner held on behalf of Prime Minister
23.10.2014 Prime Minister of Georgia met rabbis
23.10.2014 Opening of the Museum of Jews of Georgia
23.10.2014 26 Century-long Georgian-Jewish relations


09.06.2017 Gabriel Mirilashvili 56th Birthday with Regards
22.04.2017 The Holocaust
28.03.2017 Happy Passover !
27.03.2017 Senate approves David Friedman as Israel ambassador
19.03.2017 Man behind warning public sign depicting Orthodox Jewish man apologises
11.03.2017 Happy Purim!
19.01.2017 Some 30 Jewish institutions across US targeted in second wave of bomb threats
09.01.2017 President of Israel Visits Georgia
07.01.2017 Israeli president to pay an official visit to Georgia
30.12.2016 Hanukkah celebrations in Jerusalem



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